Jinn Hunters, Inc. (e-Book)

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Jinn Hunters, Inc. (e-Book)

  • Jinn Hunters, Inc written by Mr. Lonnie Perry (aka) Naji Abdullah Perry, 217 pages, written in English. Jinn are of the unseen by humans. The humans cannot see them, but they can see the humans. They are not ghost. They have been on Earth for thousands of years. Still today they exist with the humans but that is changing again, and they want complete control of the world. They want all humans gone. The war has started, and they are sending their army to set up shop in the bodies of humans and animals. The action never stops. What is blocking them is the Jinn Hunters,Inc. A team of highly trained believers who are brave and skilled to take them and send them back to their world. This book is the beginning of the of the comic book series Jinn Hunters, Inc.
  • May 29, 2023
  • 217 pages

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