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I started making cartoons when I was 7 years old. I love what I do and enjoy sharing it with others. Over the years as an artist and cartoonist, I was always trying to come up with my own designs and ideas. I don't like to sit and redraw other creators works. When I went to art schools and training, that when I knew that I was happy creating new concepts. As you will see, all of my works are that way. From the comics to the cartoon animation, it's all about fun and adventure. Rainbow greeting cards go back to 1989 when I released them in a hip place in Hollywood, California where all the stars shop. The place was Fred Segals. I believe they are still in business today. They sold out completely and even the sun washed ones in the window. Rainbow can be seen in a language program "My Arabic teacher" published by Pearlink publishers online. Rainbow vs. Graybow is all about fun and learning to share ideas and dreams. Haqq Comic book series is about a superhero's dream to find his real parents and keep his city clean of criminals and peace for all people. The short novel and comic books will be available soon. If you do a google search you can learn more about me and what I am trying to do. The e-cards that you see in this site are for sale and more are coming along with toys, cartoon animation and video games. I stand behind what I create 100% and you can find my copyrights in the library of congress ,USA, for all of my products. I value what I do and the people that purchase them. Thank you in advance for your support of Haqq Please, I invite you to find out more about Haqq Please do leave your email if you like what you see and tell a friend. You can click on the social media button below: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to get more updates on

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