Rainbow greeting cards

Rainbow greeting cards

This is where it all started back in 1989. I created this card and sold it to friends and family. I remember going around the city with my cards selling them to whoever in Hollywood, Ca. I got a big break when I met a man who owned a wholesale greeting card company and mug company and other investments projects. His name is Ken Mears. I will never forget this man. He has Omega XL which you can see him on the Larry King commercials on the TV and on the net. I met the mug company and showed them my products but it just did not happen. This lead me to Fred Seagal’s of Hollywood which Ken Mears shops. I will never forget talking to him in the parking lot about staying positive and keep going with Rainbow and art business. He showed me his name printed on the inside of his Ferrari door to show it’s his car. He said it just a reward for his hard work. Fred Seagal’s was the first store to buy my cards. This store is where all the stars in Hollywood come to shop for Jeans and more odd hip clothes. I was in the greeting card section and they looked great along with other cards. They sold out completely and even the sun washed ones in the window. Then came more interest in my cards from a distributor on the east cost but I did not like the contract so I did not go with them.

Pearlink ,Inc. and I signed an agreement for Rainbow to be in a language program on the net.  My Arabic Teacher language program is a very good tool to learn a language. This is biggest publication for Rainbow to date. It has the biggest distribution all over the world. 

I created a cartoon animation video for Rainbow to further promote it. You can see it on my channel.   :   I did two videos. Please check it out. Happy go lucky Rainbow is the video.

Haqq short novel cover

I wanted the book to have HAQQ on the cover and not to show too much of what he can do. It’s those eyes that did it for me. He’s not mad or being funny. He’s just ready and looking at you. He’s relaxed and ready for anything. More to come…

Senaibot in hallway to chamber

Made some updates to Haqq comic book …

The hall of heroes before the main doors to the chamber where Haqq goes for his suit. These are the past Haqq protectors in Bayt City. Sensaibot has seen them all and has trained them too. Hawa there in the picture on the left was the woman that bad guys feared the most. She was one of Sensaibot’s top student in martial arts. Bayt City truly will never forget her. Today she is among the city but not as Haqq but an older lady too old to keep the pace of a superhero.

The picture on the right in black is the missing hero who turned to the dark side and wants to take over the city and  end the Secrete Council from its power….

Just so you know that (Nor) in this copy will appear in the correct page as Noor. I am working on the book daily and things are looking good…..

This is one of the posters going around Bayt City. The people of the city love Haqq  and what he stands for all in his city. You’ll  find it in businesses and homes and places that show love for him. If Morcon and his thugs had it their way, it would come down and burned. Without Haqq around to stop their crimes, they would be making more money the hands could hold. They are planning to get Haqq out of Bayt City….. 

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