Pro golfer Racer 2015

Quick Overview

Rusty has lost his team and is recovering in the hospital from a planned accident by a racer who wants to be the new king on the block. Rusty’s team was the best in the field. People would come to watch them out drive the golf ball and take down the giant mechanical robots they have to hit the target on them to shut them down and race past them before they come back on and smash you or push you off the road. Each team member is the best in the field and a pro at it. Golf pro, skate board pro, shooting pro, racing pro car and motor cycle racer pro. Rusty wants back on the top but he is going to have to start all over again. It’s been a year in the hospital and things have changed.

Product Description

A story about a group of people from all areas of sports who come to play golf and race and shoot at mechanical robots for money.


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