HAQQ A superhero of Truth (Digital eBook)

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HAQQ A superhero of Truth (Digital eBook)

  • Haqq A superhero of Truth, written by Naji Abdullah Perry, is a fictional short story about a baby boy taken by powers uncontrolled by the parents or anybody anywhere on the planet. The parents thought the baby was eaten by wild animals in a freak accident of a downhill runaway baby carriage with Nasar in it that crashed through a fence next to an empty superhero house, so it seems.  Nor, who the robots and computers called the baby was really Nasar who came crashing through a window into an empty baby carriage in a freak accident from the park next door to the house. After twenty-five years being raised by robots and computers in the superhero’s chamber below the house, he becomes HAQQ the superhero of Bayt City. Nasar’s father never believed his son was dead and had dreams about him being around robots and computers. He would come back to the accident spot in the park each year to say a prayer for his son, Nasar. Haqq is a cookie business owner and knows his real parents are out there and must find them while fighting crime in Bayt City. Haqq has superpowers that he has not really developed but he is making good progress each day with the help of Father robot and supporting cast.
  • July 29, 2022
  • 75 pages

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